My Evening Routine

An evening routine allows you to finish the day strong and positions you for a productive tomorrow.

I learned this concept from the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

The author ushers in the idea of structuring your day and maximizing your time with bookends.

Think of a traditional bookshelf loaded with books.  There is a bookend on the left and a bookend on the right, with all the books standing tall in-between.

You can do the same with your day. Create a bookend in the morning and other bookend in the evening, to help hold your day together.

My evening routine is not timed stamped like my morning routine, but here is what I do consistently at night.


  • I have experimented with a few stretching apps and the one I keep going back to is Peloton. It is super user friendly and the customization on what you want to stretch and for how long works great. I do 10 minute stretching sessions with my wife, which makes for a fantastic couples exercise (pun intended).


  • I layout what I am wearing to workout in the morning and what I am wearing to work. It may sound elementary but it is true. It is one less thing I have to do/think about in my morning and it is an easy win before I call it a night.


  • I have an old school Kindle which works great (the newer version looks cool, too). I don’t read business books before bed, otherwise, it will keep me up brewing new ideas. I prefer Christian books as I doze off to dream land.

Do you have an evening routine?

I would love to hear about it.

Send me an email.

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