My Morning Routine (Timestamp)

As I study ultra-performers (successful men and women) I look for common denominators. Not only are ultra-performers avid readers, many are consistent with some type of morning routine. The key to a strong morning routine is to keep it simple and consistent. Here is what I do when I wake up:

0:00 – 15:00 MINUTE MARK
  • Cold Plunge: Right when I get out bed I head outside and spend four minutes fully submerged (up to my neck) in my cold plunge. You want to talk about a wake-up call – my goodness – freezing water will do it! Dive into the science behind cold plunging here.
  • Hygiene: I brush my teeth (duh!) and shave. I use video email to connect with clients and prospects, and a clean shave looks better on camera. My wife likes me with a fresh shave so it’s a win-win!
15:00 – 30:00 MINUTE MARK
  • Priority Time: I read / listen through the Bible in a year with The Bible Recap. In about 8 minutes a day, TBR gives you a summary and highlight reel of that day’s Bible reading from their 1-year chronological plan. Listening to God’s Word first thing in the morning transforms my heart and my mind. It sets the tone for the day.
  • Morning Brew: I don’t drink coffee, instead I fuel my body with 20oz of water with salt and electrolytes. (Use code DRJAMES for 15% off)
  • Priority Time Continued: Enjoying my fresh morning brew, I pray to the God of the Bible. Here is a Statement of Faith for clarity on what I believe, who I pray to, and worship. Here is an easy guide on learning how to pray. Here is The Gospel in 60 seconds.
30:00 – 45:00 MINUTE MARK
  • The Remnant News: I want to know what’s unfolding with current events in the world, therefore, I subscribe to The Remnant News. The Remnant News delivers quick reads with a clear Biblical stance on today’s issues. Factual news with a faithful perspective – click here to subscribe to The Remnant News – it’s free.
  • Email and Social Media: I have to be intentional on not checking my email or socials before Priority Time, otherwise, it turns into Time Suck Time. Have we connected on social media yet? You can find me on: Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, LinkedIn.
45:00 – 75:00 MINUTE MARK
  • Workout: Although I don’t workout for multiple hours in a day anymore, I am very consistent in working out daily. My wife and I designed a fantastic home gym which you can see pictures on my Instagram Saved Stories called, “1,000,000″. My workouts vary as I want to improve my fitness across multiple exercise modalities (a.k.a. be a well-rounded fitness junkie). I typically workout for 30 minutes and although much shorter than when I was a professional athlete, these 30 minute workouts are super intense. All gas, no brakes! We have a Peloton bike and Peloton tread, and my my username is @Johnny_Quinn. If you’re on Peloton, let’s workout together! Post pro football and post Olympics, I still love a good fitness goal. In 2021, I rowed one-million meters and in 2023 I played 1,000 pickleball games. What’s next? I don’t know, but something fitness fun for sure! I play a lot of pickleball these days alongside my lovely wife and we are having a blast! So much so that Amanda and I launch a pickleball training app called, If you play pickleball, come join us in our app.
75:00 – 90:00 MINUTE MARK
  • Get Ready: As a guy, 15-minutes is ample time to shower and get ready for the day (sorry ladies). Especially, if your clothes are laid out the night before.
  • Protein: The post-workout drink I make is as follows: 12 ounces of super cold Berkey filtered water + 1 scoop of Chocolate BodyLean (25 grams of high-quality protein) + 3 grams of creatine.
  • Breakfast: My typical breakfast will include three scrambled eggs, two pieces of toast with strawberry jelly and a glass of orange juice.

If I miss a day, I don’t dwell on it. I get back on track the next day. Remember, the key to a strong morning routine is to keep it simple and consistent. That’s what ultra-performers do!

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