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Dear Event Planner,

I understand the challenge of finding the right speaker. We have all seen the media clip bloopers, or been a part of an audience where the speaker just isn’t able to articulate their message. You can see the eyes of the audience glazing over and their heads begin to nod off to sleep. Texting, scanning emails and playing games on mobile devices are popular past times for audiences when the speaker cannot connect.

The days of booking a monotone speaker are over. It’s boring and clearly not enough to keep your audience engaged. You need a speaker who is an entertainer, a speaker that can capture and maintain the attention of the entire room, regardless of size, demographics or background. A speaker that not only leaves a lasting, positive impression, but where the audience is asking for more. You need a speaker that makes you (the meeting planner) a true hero for bringing in the right person!

I travel the globe to inspire audiences by delivering thought-provoking and action-packed messages to businesses, teams and organizations. See my most requested topics. I speak at a wide variety of events ranging from assemblies, banquets, businesses, campuses, conferences, galas and other functions. The audience and age groups I speak to are just as diverse. See my client list. I have relevant and impactful messages for corporate patrons all the way down to first graders. The group sizes I speak to are just as wide. I have led a small team of eight top executives through an intense goal-setting workshop, to a campus conference with 3,000+ highly energetic students in attendance!

As a professional athlete, I have been through an extensive amount of media training and public speaking curriculum by some of the best public speaking professionals in the world. I have been featured on ABC, CNN, Good Morning America, NBC, FOX Sports, The Wall Street Journal, TIME and other national media outlets. I recommend reading what leaders are saying about my speaking style, stage presence and interaction with their audience. See my testimonials.

I prepare for a speaking engagement the same way I prepared for the Olympics and as a pro football player. I make sure a collective effort game plan is in place and I execute according to the game plan. In order to develop a customized message for your audience, I have a pre-event questionnaire that uniquely specifies the details and desired outcome for your event. My pre-event questionnaire takes the guesswork out of formulating the right message for your audience. The pre-event research and gathering will instill confidence for you (the event planner) in knowing that I will be able to deliver exactly what you are looking for in a highly polished speaker.

Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your event!



Johnny Quinn, U.S. Olympian (Bobsled)

Providing copies of PUSH for your audience
Audience members are encouraged and inspired after hearing Johnny Quinn speak, and meeting planners can offer their audience members an added bonus of a copy of Johnny’s book, PUSH, which they can use to help them think differently. Whether it’s a goal for the entire team, or an individual goal, PUSH will help your team members motivate them to achieve whatever it is they are looking to accomplish. And if time allows, Johnny is happy to sign a copy of his book for your audience too!
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