I bought this guy’s book for $2.99! Here’s why?

The best way to learn is to borrow wisdom. Borrowing from those who may be 1, 2, 5+ steps ahead will save you (and me) years of frustration.


My wife showed me a post from Dale Partridge recently and it about knocked me off my chair (here’s the post). I own and operate a couple of small businesses which require ample time. I want these businesses to crush it!

I also have a wife that I love dearly and I/we want our marriage to crush it! So the question becomes, can you crush both married life and business life?

The answer is yes, if you borrow, learn, implement, listen, follow others who are already doing it! It’s a simple concept yet so hard sometimes for our brains to compute.

Here’s the formula:

borrow wisdom + intentional action + consistency = crushing it! 

I want to borrow wisdom from people who have the life, marriage, business, kids, relationships, etc. that I want to have, which leads me to Dale.

I have not personally met Dale at the writing of this post. The power of technology has allowed me to consume his wisdom in areas of my life that are very important. Which is why I bought his book, People Over Profit, on sale today for $2.99.

Who are you borrowing wisdom from?

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Posted on: May 20th, 2016

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