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How To Book The Right Speaker, Every Time?

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Use this 3-point bulletproof check list to book the right speaker, every time! I understand the challenge of finding the right speaker. We have all seen media clip bloopers, or been a part of an audience where the speaker just isn’t able to articulate their message. The audiences’ eyes are glazing over and heads begin nodding off to sleep. Texting, scanning emails and playing games on mobile devices are popular past times when the speaker cannot connect. Not only does the speaker notice the lack of audience engagement, you notice it. And here’s the kicker…you were the one in charge of booking the right speaker! Let’s be honest, every speaker is on their best behavior during a speaker evaluation. Just about every speaker is going to communicate they are the right fit and ready to impact your audience. While confidence is good to hear, you need to make sure you are hitting a home run and not a bunt with your speaker selection. A 3-point bulletproof check list to safeguard your speaker selection. Follow closely. 1. CLIENT LIST First things first: check the speaker’s client list. Yes, even before watching any video of the speaker. This is HUGE, which is why it’s check point number one. The speaking industry is very competitive. Almost as competitive as professional sports (maybe even more in some regards). You have a free and valuable tool staring you in the face when looking at a speaker’s client list. To whom have they spoken? That is the question that should be at the front of your brain. By taking a deep dive into a speaker’s client list, you will see quickly the caliber of speaker you are working with on the other end. The client list gives you the ability to lean-in on another company’s vetting system of the same speaker you are evaluating. Please take advantage of that. For example, a…

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Join The Journey For Gold

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Hello from McKinney, Texas! Welcome back to my “Bobsled Updates” as I work to Go For Gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Opening Ceremony begins in 327 days (February 9, 2018)! For all the new readers to my bobsled updates, I provide in-depth, behind the scenes, bobsled updates periodically. My updates include some of my training protocol, race outlook and competition thoughts, reviews and expectations moving forward! On a side note, please feel welcome to share, forward, cc, bcc any of my bobsled update emails with your family, friends, co-workers, colleagues or with anyone you wish. For the serious bobsled fans, you can send them this link so they can join themselves. I learned early on in media training to not write, tweet, post or share anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about on the front page of CNN, Fox, Wall Street Journal or other media outlets.  My goal with these bobsled updates is to provide a unique perspective as a U.S. Olympian with a dream of winning Olympic Gold! I want you to be on the journey with me and see the steps it takes to make a dream come true! FYI — this bobsled update is a little longer then my normal updates, as I have a lot to catch you up on since the 2014 Winter Olympics… OK, lets get to the good stuff, in a 10-point order to catch you up to speed: 1. After the 2014 Olympics, I needed a break — physically and mentally from the grind it took to make the U.S. Olympic Team. There is no question it took a ton of physical effort, but mentally speaking, it was the toughest challenge I have faced to this point of my life. 2. In order to stay physically fit and mentally sharp I started doing CrossFit…

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Best Advice for New Recruits

Friday, February 5th, 2016

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Craig Robertson and I share our best advice for new recruits stepping onto a college campus! Click picture or this link to watch “best advice” video.

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