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How I Buy Bitcoin

Saturday, February 6th, 2021

I have purchased Bitcoin on a handful of exchanges and two important features I look for are “fees and ease.” I want the lowest fees available since I dollar cost average my Bitcoin position. I want the easiest experience available so the dashboard must be user-friendly and have the ability to automate my Bitcoin buys. The best way to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring buys is with Swan Bitcoin.  (Use this link to to create an account on Swan Bitcoin and we will both receive $10 in Bitcoin.) Of course, Swan Bitcoin offers the ability to instantly buy Bitcoin but what attracted me was the ability to setup daily, weekly or monthly automatic recurring Bitcoin buys. Timing the market is hard. Our emotions lead us to buy when the price is rising (greed) and sell when the price is falling (fear). Rather than trading or trying to time the market, I do a daily recurring buy to steadily increase my Bitcoin stack. Dollar-Cost-Averaging (DCA’ing) smooths out the price volatility and removes the headache of trying to time the market. I also really like their auto-withdrawal feature. Swan Bitcoin allows you to set up automatic Bitcoin withdrawals to your wallet. I set the threshold for my auto-withdrawal plan and when my Bitcoin accumulation reaches the threshold, it automatically sends my Bitcoin to the wallet I control. I use Swan Bitcoin to automatically accumulate my Bitcoin stack with low fees and super ease. And, you should too! (Use this link to to create an account on Swan Bitcoin and we will both receive $10 in Bitcoin.) Recommended Resources on Bitcoin Book 1: The Bitcoin Standard 306 pages (Hands down the best book I have read in this space) Book 2: Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption and Redemption of Money 146 pages Article 1: What…

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Bitcoin Chat with Two Brilliant CEOs

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

This is the best video to watch if you are interested in Bitcoin. The discussion is between two brilliant guys, both CEOs in the world of finance. They kicked-off a two day conference for C-Suites and providing strategy for adding Bitcoin to company balance sheets. The host is Michael Saylor and he is the Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy. His company has over 1 billion in Bitcoin in 2020. The interviewee is Ross Stevens and he is the Founder & CEO of Stone Ridge and Founder & Executive Chairman of NYDIG. His company started buying Bitcoin in 2013 and has $6 billion in Bitcoin. The video is 59 minutes, and with the discussion and perspective so rich (Ross talks the most), the time flies by so fast. Enjoy! Recommended Resources on Bitcoin: VIDEOS Ben Horowitz explains the rise of crypto (a 3 minute explanation of crypto’s potential) But how does Bitcoin actually work? (Invaluable, easy-to-understand YouTube explainer) ARTICLES Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five (Angel investor Nik Custodio does exactly what the title says) The Bullish Case for Bitcoin (Vijay Boyapati’s article comparing Bitcoin, Gold and Fiat currencies) The Internet of Money (Investor Naval Ravikant’s Wired article that introduced a lot of people to Bitcoin’s wider potential) PODCAST Michael Saylor and Saifedean Ammous on The Fiat Standard (Bitcoin for Corporations, Asset classes obsoleted by Bitcoin, Will we see another big crash in Bitcoin?) BOOKS The Bitcoin Standard by Saifdedean Ammous Hard Money You Can’t **** With by Jason Williams The Little Bitcoin Book by Multiple Authors ONLINE COURSE (Free) Bitcoin for Everybody (Explore the fundamental concepts behind Bitcoin and how everyone can use this open-source, strictly limited digital money that operates on a peer-to-peer network.)

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