AV Setup List

Johnny needs three (3) items to run his presentation properly:

  1. Projector
    Johnny’s presentation is loaded on his MacBook and uses Mac Keynote with pre-loaded video clips, unique fonts and images. HDMI hook-up/cable is preferred (HDMI Cable). Otherwise, please have a VGA hook-up/cable (VGA Cable).
  2. Sound
    Johnny has pre-loaded video clips throughout his presentation. Please make sure sound can be heard throughout the entire room. Sound is typically hooked up through the “headphone port” of his MacBook.
  3. Microphone
    Johnny prefers to “walk” when he is presenting on stage. A headset or lapel microphone is preferred. Otherwise, please have a wireless microphone.

Important notes:

  • Johnny does NOT need an internet connection to run his presentation.
  • If using a “switch,” please make sure the High Definition Copyright Protection (HDCP) is OFF.
  • Johnny travels with a clicker (a.k.a. slide advancer).
  • Please make sure Johnny can see his MacBook screen from the stage. If the AV table is in the back of the room, that is fine, will just need something to prop Johnny’s MacBook up so he can see his screen. Johnny’s slides are color-coded so he does NOT need to see “words” on his screen. He just needs a clear view from the stage to his MacBook screen so he can “glance” at the next color-coded slide.

If any items are NOT available, please let Johnny or someone from Johnny’s team know immediately.

Click here to see Johnny’s Introduction Script.

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