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Whether you’re a current leader or an emerging leader, we’re committed to your journey of “Becoming a Next Generation Leader.”

All Lamar University students are invited to attend the 2016 Student Leadership Conference.

Hear from our keynote speaker, Olympian and former NFL player, Johnny Quinn, and attend workshops to learn how to grow as an effective leader.

The conference is free for all students. Lunch will be provided and many giveaways throughout the day!

Check-in begins at 9:30 am in the Setzer Student Center Ballroom.

What Makes a Leader?

Leadership is so much more than having a position or a title. Leadership is what happens when your character, your passions, and your actions align. People want to follow great leaders because of how they inspire others to action. When people with conviction step out, they often draw others to step out with them and the world around them begins to change.

By becoming a next generation leader, you can impact a person or mobilize a group into action, which will have greater change in the world around you. That “world” can be your family, friends, workplace or simply the people you come in contact with during the day.

When we lead from position or title, the only impact that we will have on others is to manage their time and their tasks. A next generation leader learns how to inspire the strengths and talents of others to a greater outcome.

We’re excited to have you join us as we present to you opportunities for you to reflect, grow, and be challenged to become an influential next generation leader.

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