There’s No I In Team, But There Is A ME

Great teams are made up of individuals who work, sacrifice and produce for the collective good of the group. In other words, they lay down a sense of “self” so the “we” component of a team takes precedence. Here is the kicker. In order to become a great team, each individual is responsible for leading themselves, for the betterment of the team. Therefore, if you can’t lead yourself, how in the world are you going to contribute to a successful team?

It reminds me of the team I was on in college. We won three football conference championships and played in three NCAA bowls games. We had a very good team. Everyone from the starter to the practice squad player, and I have been both, played a role in the team’s success. Some roles to the public and even internally may seem to be bigger than others, but the successful teams know that’s a myth. A successful team knows the value of each individual and that their contribution (starter or backup) is critical to the task at hand.

Most of us get lost because we want to be the starter, the producer, the rainmaker and the big time contributor that propels the team to victory. Where we make a mistake, is when we fail to realize that in order to carry the responsibility of the “starter,” we have to successfully carry the responsibly of smaller tasks prior. These small tasks are just as important to any team’s success. President Roosevelt said it this way, “Big jobs usually go to the people who prove their ability to outgrow small ones.”

You may not be part of a football team, but I can assure you that you’re part of some team. You’re a team with your spouse. You’re a team with your children. You’re a team with your co-workers. You’re a team in any relationship that you value. If you want to have a successful team in any area of your life, are you willing to put aside your temporary desire of now for the betterment of the team? I can promise you the reward at the end as a team, is so much sweeter. I know from personal experience.

Question: Do you have a tip on what it takes to build a successful team? Share your tips below in the comment section, as I and other readers would like to learn from your experience(s).


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Posted on: July 9th, 2015

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